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35 Field & Bench Favorites

There are a lot of tasks concerned in stealing a aircraft from a workbench to a drifting field, and here you’ll find 35 of a favorite gadgets to make a hobby that many some-more fun and enjoyable. We’ve organised them in categories, including margin equipment, tools, accessories, and supplies, so you’ll be certain to find something that will turn your newest accessible favorite!


Sullivan/Marcy’s Marvelous Wheel Chocks

Made out of anodized aluminum, these chocks are designed for limit reserve and confidence for your craft during transport. They preserve space in trailers and vans, raise storage eflciency, and can be used on a workbench during hardware and radio installation.
$21.95 |

WingTote Wing Bags

Designed for RC planes with dual apart wing panels, a Double Totes (available in several sizes) embody a executive ⅜-inch froth core covering enclosed in fleece to apart a dual wing panels, and they use Velcro to secure it to a bottom. On a front is a prolonged joiner tube container that’s vast adequate to simply insert and mislay a tube. A container to reason a gangling column is also included.
$99.99 |

Graupner Polaron EX 800 7S Charger

Available in 5 colors, a Polaron is versed with a tone touchscreen and has dual horse connections. It facilities DC 120W, AC 60W per outlay and can be practiced for any channel. It has a 40-battery memory and charges 1- to 7-cell LiPo packs, 1 to 14 Ni-Cd/NiMH cells, and 1 to 12 Pb cells.
$249.00 |

Great Planes Precision Propeller Reamers

Available in several sizes (in metric and customary SAE), these stepped T-handle propeller reamers are a must-have for your margin box. Reamers accurately distance a holes in propellers, so they will precisely fit your engine. They also make balancing your props some-more accurate.
$10.99–$14.99 |

Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker

Great to keep in your moody box, a Futaba BR-3000 battery checker fast displays voltage levels of battery packs. It shows a sum voltage and remaining ability on a bar graph and as a percentage. It can be used with 2- to 7-cell LiFe, LiPo, and Li-Ion packs as good as 4- to 7-cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs.
$59.99 |

Zurich Extreme Glare sunglasses

Designed for extreme-glare conditions, Zurich Extreme Glare sunglasses are nonpolarized and ideal for anyone drifting RC. You can sequence tradition and medication lenses, that can be done to fit any visual support designed for removable lenses (shown: ready-to-wear “King” by Bolle with Dark Density Rose Z|XG lenses). Mild “Single Vision” medication lenses start during $110.00.
$145.00 |

Red Baron Storage Bags

Stay orderly with these high-quality lift bags, privately designed for RC equipment. Red Baron Hobbies has several bags for different-size wings as good as these ultra accessible battery and propeller bags. Made with a vinyl-backed polyester extraneous with a 1/4-inch foam-lined tricot lining, these bags strengthen your paraphernalia during a margin and in a shop.
$67.30 (battery), $37.30 (propellers) | redbaron

ProgressiveRC Multi-Connector

Made from high-quality materials, this multiple-connector lead includes 18 of a many renouned connector types, all connected in together to one set of banana plugs for attaching to your charger. Heavy-duty 10 AWG silicone handle creates adult a categorical assign lead, while a particular connector leads use several gauges of a same-quality wire.
$16.99 |

ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case

This box has a tough aluminum bombard with reinforced corners, locking latches, and a high-density foam-lined interior. A froth insert is not enclosed though is accessible to fit RC aeroplane transmitters. It will accommodate Airtronics, Spektrum, JR, and Futaba transmitters. Interior measure are 14 × 10 × 5.5 inches.
$49.99 (case), $17.99 (Pick-n-Pull froth insert) |

Hitec RCD X1 Touch

The X1 Touch 55-watt AC/DC horse has a 3.2-inch-high fortitude touchscreen for free information monitoring and retrieval. With a built-in dungeon balancer and mixed reserve functions in a compress package, it’s easy to use and transport. It simply charges NiMH, Ni-Cd, LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, and lead-acid batteries with tractable assign stream rates of 0.1 to 7.0 amps.
$99.99 |

MaxAmps 1SQ/1Si Parallel Charging Adapter

Charge adult to 3 1S LiPo packs during once! These parallel-charging adapters are privately designed for MaxAmps’ 1S 400mAh packs for a renouned Heli-Max 1SQ, 1SQ V-Cam, and 1Si array of quadcopters.
$11.99 |


BB Tools Classic Cutters

Considered by many as a best handle and handle cutters around, BB Tools’ Classic Cutters are accessible in dual sizes. The 001 is ideal for stranded handle handle adult to 3/32 in. in hole and can cut song and piano handle adult to 5/64 in. in diameter. The 002 is ideal for slicing stranded handle handle adult to 3/16 in. in hole and cuts song and piano handle adult to 1/8 in. in diameter.
$16.00, $18.00 |

Hangar 9 Angle Pro Digital Meter

This digital occurrence scale is only a thing for checking and adjusting a angles of your wing, tail surfaces, and control throws. It can even be used to check a bearing off set angle of your engine. It comes with a digital scale and battery, a prolonged aluminum extension, dual connection brackets, and a control chuck connection clamp.
$79.99 |

Kylin Precision Tool Kit

This 20-piece apparatus set includes machined and anodized metric screw, hex, and bulb drivers in a soothing nylon organizer case. Specifically dictated for RC helicopter lovers, this apparatus set is also ideal for people who wish peculiarity and pointing on their workbench or in their moody box.
$63.48 | kdsmodels

AeroBroach Hinge Slot Cutter

Including 3 renouned sizes, these container cutters are easy to use. The “CA” present is for use with skinny CA form hinges. The “60” present is for customary pinned hinges for adult to .60-size airplanes, and a “1/4” is for heavy-duty, two-piece pinned hinges used in incomparable 1/4-scale airplanes
$17.95 |

X-Acto Basic Knife Set

The Compression Basic Knife Set offers X-Acto’s many renouned hobby knives and blades used by critical modelers and hobbyists. Three X-Acto knives are enclosed with a full set of pointing blade blades. Housed in a soothing nylon focus case, an instruction beam and anxiety pamphlet are included.
$29.99 |

Harry Higley Easy Hinger

These container cutters make installing ideally aligned hinges a square of cake. Specifically designed for present CA glue hinges, these collection are done out of aluminum and use common no. 11 hobby blades. Packed in pairs, a smaller hinge uses a singular blade, while a incomparable one binds dual blades for a wider slot.
$15.39 |

Tingler Innovations SolderBuddy

This accessible soldering assist binds all of a many renouned connectors used by RC hobbyists. It can secure several connector types, including Deans, 3.5mm bullet, Molex, 2mm, servo, and 5.5mm energy connectors, while providing a accessible and fast height for soldering your connectors. Several forms of SolderBuddy holding fixtures are available.
$44.75 |

BVM Clevis Pliers

Designed to be used with all 2-56 and 4-40 steel clevises, this accessible modeler’s apparatus creates paraphernalia control systems easier, faster, and reduction frustrating. It saves wear and rip on your fingers, too. Its slim pattern reaches into hard-to strech spaces with ease.
$32.95 |

Robart Paint Shaker

For critical scale modelers who paint with Model Master and identical scale paints, a Robart Paint Shaker operates during 5,000 shakes per notation to fast mix your paints. This ensures correct tone superfluity and well-spoken focus with airbrush mist equipment.
$40.45 |

Robart Super Stand II

Quick to set adult for any building, maintenance, or travel needs, a Super Stand II is entirely tractable to fit any-size RC airplane. Sturdy, lightweight, and unblushing by heat fuel, a mount is versed with soothing rubber pads to forestall repairs to your indication airplane.
$26.45 |

TrakPower TK950 Soldering Station

This heavy-duty 60-watt pattern heats fast to heat and has a operation of 392°F to 896°F. It binds heat settings to within 1.8°F when idle. The hire includes a soldering iron with stand, a sponge, a temperature-control unit, chisel-point and pencil tips, and an instruction manual.
$79.99 |

Du-Bro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

One of a many accurate balancers available, a Tru-Spin Prop Balancer facilities a specifically designed locking cone to firmly core and close a column on a balancing shaft. For use with aeroplane props as good as spinners, helicopter rotor heads, ducted fan jet impellers, and flywheels, any balancer comes finish with public instructions and prop-balancing tips.
$39.14 |

Master Airscrew Razor Plane

Made out of tough filled-composite plastic, a Master Airscrew Razor Plane is for all critical builders of timber aeroplane kits. It is adjustable, removes element quickly, and comes with additional single-edged razor blades. Replacement blades are also available.
$7.35 | master


Du-Bro Super Strength Servo Arms

Available in sizes to fit all vital brands of customary servos, Super Strength Servo Arms are done out of prolonged carbon-fiber combination for combined strength. Packaged in eight-count bags, they are accessible for Futaba, Hitec, JR, Airtronics, Tower Hobbies, Hobbico, and Command servos.
$10.42–$13.13 |

Sharp RC ArmSafe

Equipped with 12AWG wire, a Sharp RC Arming Kit is a good approach to supplement reserve and preference to your electric RC airplane. All hardware and defending plugs are included. Simply mislay a Deans connector to make it unfit for your craft to accidently start.
$13.40 |

Hitec RCD S60 Camera

This imperishable professional-grade movement camera is designed to constraint 16MP still photos and HD 1080p/60fps video. It comes with a waterproof box and a detachable 2-inch LCD behind shade for observation your footage. It is Wi-Fi—enabled and can be tranquil with your mobile device regulating a downloadable app.
$299.99 (full package #44551) |

Ram Wireless Nav Lites

Ram’s new micro wireless flashing LED Nav Lites come finished with 3 dimesize red, green, and white modules that import a sum of 5g. Powered by a replaceable symbol battery, there’s no wiring or soldering required. They can be simply trustworthy to any indication that weighs 1 oz. or more.
$14.95 |

Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer

Suitable for gas or electric power, a Guardian smooths out atmosphere turmoil and provides loyal wing-leveling capability to assistance redeem from mislaid orientation. It helps recompense for nonideal drifting conditions. A gangling conductor switch lets we name 2D wing-leveling mode, 3D aerobatic mode, and no stabilization mode.
$63.74 | eagletree


BSI Foam-Cure

A silicone-based adhesive, BSI Foam-Cure works good on EPP and EPO foams. Crystal clear, it forms a some-more stretchable bond than CA. It is, however, not an instant-bonding glue and has no accelerator to speed heal time.
$6.49 (4 oz.) |

Great Planes Plan Protector

Available on a 25-foot-long roll, this transparent cosmetic Plan Protector element keeps your indication skeleton in crisp, purify condition. The Plan Protector resists displaying adhesives and creates stealing your tools from a workbench easy. No some-more bark and sanding paper bits off your glue joints!
$11.99 |

Zap Silicone Tape

Available by a hurl (1 in. x 10 ft.) and in black, red, and white, this silicone fasten leaves no gummy residue, is waterproof and airtight, and seals soppy or dry. Simply widen and hold a fasten behind onto itself and it creates a permanent bond. Because it’s fuel resistant and unstretched off a roll, it is easy to use for fuel-tank installations and can isolate electrical wires adult to 8,000 volts.
$5.95 |

RTL Fasteners Hardware

Perfect for RC pilots and hobbyists, RTL Fasteners offers bulk wrapping for all ordinarily used and specialty hardware. Metric and customary SAE sizes are accessible in tiny 10- to 100-count bags as good as in accessible collection packaging. From customary servo screws and nylon wing hold-down bolts to socket-head screws, coronet inserts, and stainless-steel hardware, RTL Fasteners has it all.
Pricing varies: $3.63 (2-56×⅜-in. Socket Head Cap Screw, 24 pcs.), $98.95 (#1450 Standard Assortment, 1,228 pcs.) |

Precision Aero Glue Caddy Kit

This light-ply, laser-cut pack assembles in mins and helps classify your workbench. It binds 3 sizes of glue (½, 1, and 2 oz.) as good as turn glue bottles. Store your glue right side adult or inverted so that it’s always prepared to use. The caddy also offers a place to keep your pencils, pens, or hobby knives.
$12.95 |

Zap-A-Gap Single Use Tubes

Ever mangle something during a drifting margin and need only a small glue? Now finished in 5 0.01-oz. (0.5g) single-use tubes, we can now use Zap-A-Gap CA+ glue a small during a time whenever we need it. It’s ideal for a moody box or a workshop.
$4.99 |

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