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Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo 3 7S

Multi-function chargers are an essential partial of any modeler’s collection and an glorious investment that pays good dividends when it comes to handling a health of your battery packs. This duo-output horse is installed with easy to use features. Not to be confused with past single-port 0720 models, a new Super Duo 3 7S is Hyperion’s many absolute horse to date and offers twin matching outlay ports, with any pier able of providing 500W of charging power. The 0720 nomination is for 7 cells max and 20 amps max per port. To yield all 500 watts per channel (1000 watts total), a Super Duo needs 24 to 28 volts of submit voltage though can also be operated with reduce submit voltages (from 11 volts). Featuring twin easy-to-read displays, a Super Duo 3 7S is designed with many built-in reserve features, and we can even assign a separate container in Network mode regulating both ports for adult to 14S during 1000W max. It’s a good all-around choice.

1000W energy (500W per port)
Built-in LBA10/300 Balancers with 300mA max change rate per cell
Reverse polarity protection, input-voltage blunder warning, and cell-count mismatch warnings
LiHV concordant if TVC set to 4.35V

Charges: LiPo/LiFe; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–10.0A assign stream per outlay (adjustable)
Discharge: 0.01–5.00A (25W) liberate energy per output
Cells: LiPo/LiFe, 1–7; Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–15; Pb battery types
Charging modes: Charge, discharge, solo, sync, balancer, peak, trickle, store, cycle (for LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, NiMH)
Balance board: JST-XH
Price: $195.50

EOS 0720i Super Duo3 twin horse / twin HP and twin XH LiPo adapter play / twin assign cords
(no connectors) / USB wire and clips / instructions

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