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WRAM /AMA East Expo — Amazing Aviation History Lessons

As many already know, 2017 was a initial year that a annual indication trade show, rigourously famous as a WRAM show, switched hands and became a new AMA East Expo. Held during a Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ, this year’s eventuality had a double assisting of Aviation History. Special guest speakers late NASA wanderer and Unlimited Reno Racing commander Robert “Hoot” Gibson, and Nicholai Sikorsky, son of Igor Sikorsky owner of Sikorsky Aircraft Co., gave extraordinary talks about their singular experiences.


Hoot Gibson, who also has been a indication aeroplane modeler and builder his whole life spoke about his knowledge as a Naval aviator, exam commander and a commander of a Space Shuttle Atlantis, on Jun 27 to Jul 7, 1995.

Gibson-rlHoot and his organisation of 7 as detached of moody STS-71, carried out a initial Space Shuttle goal to wharf with a Russian Space Station Mir that also concerned exchanging US and Russian crews.

Hoot spoke in fact about life in a Mir space hire as good as organisation life aboard a space convey including reentry whick starts during 37,500mph!

He also spoke about his considerable practice as a commander of several total aircraft drifting during a Reno Air Races, including environment a speed record of over 480 mph in a rarely mutated Hawker Sea Fury.


Nicholai Sikorsky spoke about his tighten and engaging attribute with his father Igor, and he brought to a lectern a personal and intriguing perspective indicate of his father’s extraordinary story as a Russian newcomer who left all behind to start a universe famous aircraft company. Nicholai remembered childhood memories of carrying family dishes with a likes of Charles Lindberg, Jimmy Doolittle, universe famous Bendix atmosphere racer Roscoe Turner, and many other personalities from a pages of aviation history.


Nicholai was a guest of MAN writer and MA Giant Scale columnist Sal Calvagna who also gave a display about his 2016 “Best in Show” winning aircraft, a WW1 4-engine complicated bomber, Ilya Mourometz.










Sal Give his speak about a story of his indication and a Sikorsky Aircraft Co. and a Sikorsky family. we was really gratified to assistance out during a day and we went adult to West Hartford, CT to collect adult Nicholai and move him to a Expo. Imagine being means to lay and speak with such an engaging lady during a 2 1/2 hour highway trip. It positively was a day of aviation story and a once in a lifetime event for sure.

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