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Horizon RC Fest

From Horizon Hobby:
Hands-on Family Fun with RC Cars, Aircraft and Drones

The Horizon RC Fest is a fun-focused eventuality that shares high-tech RC products everybody can enjoy.

Monticello, Eli Field, Illinois (Saturday, Jun 10th, 2017)

The Horizon RC Fest is a hands-on, fun-focused RC jubilee for a whole family. This eventuality is scheduled for a Midwest heartland nearby a Horizon Hobby domicile during their exam trickery in pleasing Monticello, Illinois. This Saturday-only eventuality will constraint a ideal summer sourroundings with activities, refreshments and party to keep a family anxious all day long.

At Horizon RC Fest, a guest are a partial of a action. Activities will embody Try-Me radio control activities that underline airplanes, drones and moody simulators, along with Rock Crawler hurdles and off-road ECX® Amp® racing. Exciting FPV ride-along chances and FPV competition observation stations featuring national-level competition competitors will be on station. Amateurs and experts in a hobby will be demonstrating rip-roaring automobile action, as good as flights of imagination with aircraft and helicopters that widen a imagination. There will be all kinds of surprises along a way, with illumination and night atmosphere shows choreographed to low-pitched accompaniment.

A vast partial of a Horizon RC Fest will be to give behind by a munificent overdo knows as Hobbies for Good™. Many initiatives via a day including 50/50s, wordless auction, one-of-a-kind practice and most some-more we will lift supports to support several charities. Hobbies for Good represents all a ways Horizon Hobby invests it’s time, talents and resources in a village during large. They’ve lifted income for cancer research, supposing food and preserve for families in need and contributed assist for victims of healthy disasters. Some of a largest eccentric efforts have enclosed building homes for Habitat for Humanity and shelters for a poverty-stricken residents of Juarez, Mexico.

There’s something for everyone, even but a conductor in hand. Sales and displays of industry-leading RC product will be showcased with squeeze specials usually accessible during a show. All a formulation has been finished for you, as internal food services will be on palm to offer refreshment. Activities for a youngsters meant your kids can correlate and reconstruct in a protected environment. To keep a fad going, there will be eventuality drawings with cold prizes orderly by a Horizon Hobby-founded Hobbies for Good gift initiative.

Event Features:

  • Interactive Try-Me activities with RC Cars, Planes and Drones
  • Exclusive FPV Racing and Ride-Alongs
  • RC Air Show with Musical Accompaniment
  • Food and Beverage Vendors
  • Live DJ Entertainment and MC
  • Activities for a Youngsters
  • Product Displays, Sales and Specials
  • Hobbies for Good™ Drawings and Prizes

Festivities start in a morning during 10:00AM and hang adult in a dusk or after dim whenever probable and continue permitting.

Horizon RC Fest information is accessible during

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Horizon RC Fest

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