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Tower Hobbies P-51D Mustang Mk II Rx-R

Looks like a scale warbird, flies like a fun competition plane
The P-51 Mustang from Tower Hobbies is a great-flying warbird that offers sport-flying capabilities. Its tough AeroCell froth construction creates it light, sturdy, and easy to maintain. This is no amateur plane, however; it is quick and sporty, and is good for middle and consultant pilots.
The motor, speed control, servos, and linkages are all commissioned during a factory, so all we have to do is supplement your possess receiver and block in a servos. The craft comes with bound alighting gear, though a discretionary flaps and retractable alighting rigging will ascent a opening and appearance. In further to a categorical gear, a steerable tail rigging creates a P-51 easy to hoop on a ground.
The supposing instructions are good suspicion out and illustrated for easy assembly. The craft comes embellished in World War II colors, and there are 4 opposite sets of decals, that concede we to customize your P-51D. The enclosed color-matched spinner unequivocally enhances a model’s appearance.
The wing is removable for easy ride in a case of your car. A singular screw binds a wing to a fuselage, and it is easy to get to. Access to a battery cell is secluded by a cockpit, that also includes a scale commander in his seat. The cockpit cover is hold in place by absolute rare-earth magnets and comes off with a small peaceful persuasion.

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