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Stepcraft Accessories — Wood Burning Attachment — Elevated Crafts and Hobby Accuracy

I have been operative with a 2-420 CNC Desktop complement from Stepcraft and we have found it to be a unequivocally stretchable and variable further to my workshop. The examination of a Stepcraft CNC will be in a arriving Sep 2017 emanate of MAN and it highlights a public of a pack built machine, as good as some of a simple operations. Just about anything we can consider of for a RC hobby from machining metal, timber and plastic, to slicing out vinyl markings and even laser slicing can be achieved with a 2-420.

woodburner For a reduction intimidating introduction to a desktop system, Stepcraft also has a spring-loaded  adaptor that is designed to reason a common hobby qualification timber blazing pen. With a complement setup with this accessory, we can precisely transcribe any settlement or lettering simply by programming it with a compulsory G-code.

The Adaptor consists of a categorical physique an outdoor ring and a locking ring that screws into place. Three springs and a gangling blazing tip are also included. The inside aspect of a categorical physique is slim to accept a hoop of a timber burner and it has a container machined on a side.

Stepcraft Wood BurnerThe energy cord for a timber burner slides by a container afterwards a rest of a adaptor is assembled. The categorical physique is extrinsic into a outdoor ring afterwards a 3 springs are extrinsic into a 3 recesses in a categorical body. Once they are in place, a springs are reason in place with a locking ring that threads into place. Once a timber burner coop is extrinsic into a adaptor a whole public is extrinsic into a batch apparatus hilt joint that’s trustworthy to a system’s Z-axis track.


The adaptor is reason in place by tightening a tip screw in a bracket. But we contingency tie it usually adequate to reason a adaptor in place. If we tie it too much, a springs that request down vigour will not duty properly, if we don’t tie a screw enough, a adaptor will trip out of a bracket. So take your time and get a screw tightened usually adequate to reason it in place and with a springs operative properly.


As with all operations of a Stepcraft CNC desktop complement we have to us a module to furnish a compulsory G-code to run a CNC. we use VCarve Pro and for a timber burner, we set adult a complement usually like we are going to cut out vinyl markings. Basically this requires we to start a new pursuit and set a work shape. we used a 4×4 in. space and set a 0 indicate for a apparatus in a core of a workspace.

Once this is done, we set a apparatus trail information. Since a apparatus trail starts during a tip of a work material, tou can set a density to any series and we set it during 0.02 in. And given a timber burner is open loaded, we set a apparatus abyss during 1/8 inch. This will make a Z-axis request downward vigour as a timber blazing coop moves along a apparatus paths.


Here (Above) is a UCCNC expostulate module dashboard for a pursuit we selected. Basically as a exam we simply typed in “Becca Adam” in a VCarve Pro module and exported a G-code. The apparatus trail preview is uncover on a shade during a tip left. The subsequent thing to do is to Home All a pivot (shown in red during a tip right) so a complement knows where a apparatus is located. Next we clamp your work square onto a work space, and manually pierce a apparatus core to a preferred position. Next a Z-axis is lowered until a tip of a timber burner coop is usually touching to a tip of a work material. we use a square of paper as a sign to set a scold apparatus start position. Once this has been finished we Zero All a pivot for a given pursuit by regulating a blue callout buttons on a dashboard. Now spin on a timber burner and let it come adult to temperature.

When it is prohibited strike a Cycle Start symbol and watch it work.


It takes a small experimenting to get a apparatus feed and speed environment scold and this count in a element we are regulating and a code and wattage rating of your timber burner. As we can see above a complement reproduced a letters we wanted accurately as we wanted. Beside lettering, we can also indicate any form of line art we like and import it as a .BMP record and use a VCarve Pro (or identical module to snippet a image) and furnish a indispensable matrix lines.

Stay tuned, as we will supplement another pursuit we ran regulating a square of downloaded shave art from a web to furnish an F-18 Hornet.

The 2-420 CNC desktop complement unequivocally is easy to use and as we have pronounced before, we are singular usually by your imagination.



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