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Check out these reader tips! Betcha you’ll use during slightest one on your subsequent building project. (Have a tip you’d like to share? Send it to … no print required!)



Converting scale aircraft to electric is apropos commonplace. Here’s a neat pretence that solves a elementary though confusing problem mostly encountered when regulating a “nitro” spinner on electric-powered models. Many times, there is a problem gripping a column and spinner aligned on a brushless engine when tightening a column nut. Glue a front of sandpaper to a front and behind of a spinner backplate and that problem is immediately solved. You can use a 1-inch hole saw to cut a sandpaper discs and CA them to both sides of a spinner backplate.



Here’s an easy approach to ID servo extensions, generally for a incomparable aircraft that have dual or some-more servos on a wing or other control surfaces. You can find a parcel of tiny zip ties or wire ties that come in an collection of colors during roughly any hardware store. Use matching-color ties on a servo extensions and plugs going into a receiver. To detached a wing extensions from a other wing extensions, use a opposite tone multiple for each. Now when installing a wings, you’ll never brew adult a connectors!



Here is a pretence for all builders who use glue (and that would be all builders!). One of a problems with glue is that it’s thick, and when there isn’t most left, it takes perpetually to get to a tip when it’s incited over, generally when it’s cold. we take aged 35mm film canisters (yes, we can still find them) and screw them to a 3 x 5-inch square of wood. Put them distant adequate detached so that a glue bottles will fit in upside-down—with a caps on, of course. Now, when we wish to brew a tiny epoxy, there’s no watchful for a glue to come to a top—it’s already there. Be clever on a prohibited day since infrequently there will be a tiny vigour and we competence get some-more than we want.



When you correct helicopters or airplanes, tiny screws, nuts, and bolts mostly have to be private to strech damaged parts. Those equipment can be simply mislaid or pushed over a corner of a workbench during a day of work before reassembly. To forestall this, place masking-tape rolls on a flat, new aspect of your workbench. They’ll offer as centralized locations for easy entrance during reassembly and will forestall these equipment from rolling off your workbench. No some-more losing things on a huge, open area of your workbench when acid for a tiny part!

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