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Microaces Aero Bristol F2b Model

From Microaces:
The Microaces Aero Bristol F2b ‘Brisfit’ is designed from a belligerent adult and is presumably a many minute and picturesque microscale aircraft of a type. The airframe is designed to take many ultra micro RC apparatus found in identical sized RTF aircraft. Double sided copy directly onto froth ensures a light, low wing bucket aircraft with lots of impression and predicted moody characteristics.

History in a Making

Our adore of aviation story ensures that a aircraft we select to imitate as kits not usually demeanour illusory on immobile arrangement and in a air, though they also lift a abyss of story that can be explored. This pleasing china swift aircraft served as partial of RAF 5 Squadron in a 1920s in Quetta, India. No.5 Squadron used a Bristol F.2b in front line use right adult until 1931. They were a final British squadron to de-commission this pretentious aircraft.

Added Detail

In further to a fact already lavished on a Microaces Aero Bristol F.2b kit, a No.5 Squadron aircraft also includes a pleasant radiator mounted underneath a nose (additional cooling compulsory in a prohibited condition it was handling in) and a extended empty complement down both sides of a fuselage. Enormous immobile interest as good as a participation in a atmosphere that belies a petite 1/24th scale.


Airframe: Scale
Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length: 325mm / 12.8″
Wingspan: 500mm / 19.7″
Wing Area: 7.00 sq dm / 108.5 sq in.
Flying Weight.*: 46.0g/1.6oz
Wing Load: 6.57g/ / 2.13oz/sq.ft.
Recommended Receiver: Microaces Super Micro Receiver Servos for Spektrum or Futaba, Parkzone PKZ3351, PKZ3352, PKZUA1151 or Spektrum AR6400/AR6410 (N.B. Tx brew or mode 4 compulsory to use AR6400/AR6410 for rudder/aileron)
Rec. Motor / G.Box: Parkzone PKZ3624 (P-51 Motor/Gearbox)
Rec. Prop: GWS 5030
Skill Level – Build: Intermediate
Skill Level – Pilot: Intermediate
Tools required: Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick, true edge, tweezers
Rec. Adhesive: UHU por / Foam protected CA / Aliphatic glue

Kit Content

SHEET PARTS: 2mm laser cut Depron Airframe piece | 1mm printed laser cut Depron fuselage piece x 2 | 1mm printed laser cut Depron moody surfaces piece x 2 | 200 micron printed laser cut polypropylene piece x 2 | polyester plaque sheet
LOOSE PARTS: 0.8mm laser cut plywood engine mountain | Two 30mm Ø neoprene rubber tires | Six 3mm Ø noedymium magnets | 50mm x 4mm Ø cosmetic tube | 1mm x 0.4mm CO twine strips | 1mm Ø CO twine rod
pre-shaped piano handle conveyor rudder control rods

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