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Trainer Banger RC Competition — A Great Way for Modelers to try Competing

I have always enjoyed foe for as prolonged as we can remember.  As a child we was always reading Model Airplane News articles about a Top Gun Scale Invitational observant to myself, “One day!”  we have competed now during Top Gun for about 10 years and from time to time, we will accommodate folks who’ll ask me what it takes to compete.  we have beheld over a years, there is an altogether feeling that we contingency be a world’s best commander and builder to even start competing.

This is simply not true!  It does take use and an bargain of a maneuvers we need to do.  After a while, we suspicion to myself, “what would it be like to have a really elementary foe that anyone could join?”  With that, we came adult with a Trainer Banger R.C. Competition. My prophesy was to horde a Top Gun character foe with zero some-more than elementary RC trainers.  There would be no immobile judging, though 10 maneuvers that a pilots would have to perform to a best of their ability, in front of moody judges. Basically, we wanted a pilots to fly a craft and make it perform like a Cessna 172 would.

I called my good crony and owner of Top Gun, Frank Tiano and with his help, we was means to put together a initial annual Trainer Banger Competition. The judges where comprised of RC pilots who have possibly judged before or who have competed.  we was propitious adequate to have Dennis Kirby of Kirby’s Custom Graphics and a Top Gun decider attend.

This was a one-day eventuality and a continue was perfect. The Lexington Model Airplane Club from Lexington Kentucky was friendly adequate to horde a event.

We had 12 pilots attend and we even had trophies for 1st., 2nd., and 3rd. places.  We flew 3 rounds and a pilots were means to dump their lowest turn scores.  Our youngest commander Colton is going into a 7th grade.  In fact, we had 3 immature pilots attend!  The drifting went but a join and everybody who attended had a blast.  The maneuvers were elementary and consisted of elementary maneuvers that any tutor could perform.

Everyone had a blast and many even pronounced they are going to use for subsequent year.

You would be astounded how formidable it is to make a tutor fly in a scale manner. we would rarely advise clubs adopt this simple, nonetheless really fun competition.  If we are looking for something new to try in a hobby, rather than only gimlet holes in a sky, maybe this is for you!  Who knows, we competence even see we during Top Gun!

Photos and Text by P.J. Ash

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