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Aluminum Overcast — 19-Foot B-17 Flying Fortress

There’s hulk scale, afterwards there’s GIANT SCALE, and when an scale RC aeroplane gets tighten to 20 feet in span, we’re in a new difficulty of BIG.

First flown in St. Margarethen, Austria by Peter (Peda) Pfeffer, this extraordinary scale B-17  has a 19 feet wingspan and is 14 feet long. Built from CDScaleDesigns plans, a Flying Fortress is powered by 4 VT 42 4-stroke gas engines, and weighs in during a whopping 187 pounds. Controlled by a Weatonic radio complement a B-17 has blemish built retractable alighting rigging and operable flaps. Video pleasantness of RCScaleAirplanes.



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