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Scheibe SF-33 Motor Glider — A 20-year building plan takes flight

Some models are built in weeks or months; others take a year or two. But it has taken no reduction than 20 years to finish this considerable Scheibe SF-33 engine glider. When it comes to hulk scale, 2/3-scale (66%) is unequivocally during a tip of a distance scale. We held adult with a builder Ian Turney-White to get a inside dip on this monstrous-scale aircraft too large to be referred to as simply a “model.” You don’t get a genuine feel for how large this engine glider is until we see it during a margin with a designer/builder.

Model Airplane News: Ian, wow! This is an extraordinary scale project. Tell us how your story started.


Ian Turney-White: The story began with a integrate of magazines in 1995, that featured articles on scale engine gliders by English glider consultant Cliff Charlesworth. One of Cliff’s tiny drawings was of a Scheibe, and with me vital in a unequivocally prosaic partial of England, a thought of a engine glider unequivocally appealed to me. Via a German friend, Wolfgang Haas of King indication engines, we was means to get some bureau three-views and printed matter, and a seed was sown.


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