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Getting orderly – Workshop Tips for Better Building

For several years now we have been highlighting my projects and seminar builds online to share some of my building tips and Techniques we use. In a prolonged view, we have always suspicion that training how to fly RC planes was a lot harder that a tangible building of a planes, even when kit-building. MAN readers are always seeking what is indispensable to furnish a airplanes so I’ve highlighted some of a basis here. So, let’s take a demeanour backstage to see what we use in my hobby workshop.

A seminar is what we make it. From a elementary list to tradition built-in cabinets and shelves, we wish a special place to work on your planes.

If we have a gangling room, or an unused garage bay, we have a space, and an aged table is all we unequivocally need for a workbench. Take a time and with practice, your building skills will urge with any aeroplane we build. Like anything else, training what’s concerned is a initial step and apropos an gifted modeler is unequivocally usually requesting new techniques that you’ve already learned. Start with a elementary qualification and in no time you’ll turn get a hang of it. Here are some of a basis we have picked adult along a way.

Building Boards

I do not build directly on my workbench.  we use a building house with a cork tip surface. It is called a Wright Building Board. You can also use a square of 2-inch froth insulation froth house or even a roof tile.  These surfaces make pulling displaying pins into a collection to reason them on place ease. The critical thing is to keep your building aspect prosaic and straight. My WrightFlyer building board is done from molecule house underneath a ½ in. cork tip with aluminum angle pieces underneath it to keep it straight. It is about 48 inches prolonged by 20 inches wide.

I used a lifted cork lonesome building house for many of my building. It is most straighter and turn than my workbench so creates straighter models.

If we use inslulation froth play we can mist it easily with some 3M mist glue to hitch it to a tip of your workbench and keep it straight. Just use a tiny bit so when it get ragged out and needs to be replaced, we can cocktail it adult with a prolonged blade or a saw blade.

Also, don’t indeed cut things on a building surface. we built my workbench so it was about 8 to 10 inches wider so there is a timber aspect to use as a slicing and work surface. Keep a building house purify and neat and it will final a prolonged time.


Plans protection

OK a skeleton should be flattened out and placed on a building board. we cut a skeleton detached into sections so usually a partial of a skeleton we need is used and we fasten it in place. (you can also use a qualification glue hang for this.) we afterwards strengthen a skeleton from a glue with possibly some transparent “Plans Protector” from Great Planes (less than $10 for 25 feet.) You can also use transparent MonoKote of even a transparent subsidy piece from unchanging Monokote covering material. The Plans Protector by distant works a best even with skinny CA glues. Using a Plans Protector also cuts down on a sanding of parts. The adhesive will smooth out and there’s no paper glued to a collection that has to be private for a well-spoken covering pursuit after on.

A common problem with all modelers, no matter how neat we competence consider we are is “hangar rash”. Dents, cuts and dings caused by fixation timber collection and structures on tip of tough things like pins, screws, nuts etc. So what we try to do (and trust me, this is by no means easy,) is to purify adult throw and rubbish from work secessions right when we finish them. It is a bit most to do this after each singular task, though when we call it quits for a evening, stop and purify adult everything. Put a collection divided and brush adult a dirt and chips. If we don’t do this, a volume of time indispensable to “fix” hangar unreasonable is always incomparable than a cleanup effort.











Use a glue caddy to forestall spills on your workbench.


Staying organized. Finally, order your building sessions so we have usually a collection and collection we need for a charge during hand. If we are building a wing, no need to have formers or fuselage sides and engine mounts on a dais removing in a way. we also like this proceed as it gives we that fulfilment feeling quicker.

Organize all your hardware to make them easy to find. This saves building time and prevents hangar rash. RTL Fasteners ( have lots of glorious hardware and accessible organizer boxes.

I demeanour during any indication plan as a array of smaller, teenager public tasks or mini projects. This keeps a proclivity adult and we don’t get dragged down by meditative we have 75 or 80 percent of a qualification to finish. we take 10 percent of a whole and finish it before relocating onto a subsequent 10 or 15 percent of a whole. It works for me anyway.

I could not live though my roll-away apparatus boxes. Keeping collection protected and accessible is safeguarding your investment and helps save time.






Another good thing to do if we have a room is to have application benches or tables where we have incomparable collection like sanders, cavalcade presses or bandsaws located. This keeps your evident work area cleaner and reduction crowded.


When ever regulating energy collection like this 14 in. bandsaw, always yield copiousness of light so we can see what we are doing.








A cavalcade press should be in each workshop. Add a machine vise to reason your collection and we can boost your pointing 5 fold.

(Above) The biggest dirt builder is a belt sander. we keep it divided from a indication seminar and have it in my garage. Always use a emporium vac to collect a excellent dust

It is loyal that we can build any indication with usually palm collection though for me, a investment in elementary energy collection is a good thing since they speed work and boost accuracy. Plus, we can use them for non-hobby associated tasks as well.

Nothing beats a good dais clamp for holding collection while your work on them. This tiny vise has a clamp mountain so it is unstable and can trip over a corner of a list or workbench.

Finally, start with a some-more elementary tasks like a tail surfaces of your indication and afterwards work adult to a bigger some-more concerned ones. Before we know it, your indication will be built and prepared for final public and finish. Have fun in your workshop.


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