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Aviation History Paul Cornu’s Flying Bicycle 110th anniversary of a initial helicopter flight

On 13 Nov 1907, French operative and bicycle-maker Paul Cornu done story by apropos a initial male to fly in a rotary wing aircraft. Like a Wright Brothers, Cornu was a bicycle builder who dreamed of flight.

Ensuring his place in a story books, his obsolete twin-rotor helicopter was powered by a 24HP Antoinette engine and carried Cornu about 5 feet off a ground, and hold him there for 20 seconds during Coquainvilliers nearby Lisieux, France.

Paul Cornu was innate in 1881 in a French city of Lisieux, where a internal high propagandize is named after him. His talent for engineering became transparent when he assimilated his father in a family business an Automobile, Bicycle and Motorcycles emporium where. At a age of 24, he designed and built a working, two-rotor indication helicopter weighing 26 pounds. The success of his invention, that he demonstrated during a annual rural satisfactory in Lisieux on 4 Oct 1906, speedy him to build a large-scale chronicle able of carrying a passenger.

Cornu died in 1944, when his home was broken during a World War Two Allied bombardment.

History of helicopters

Helicopters are a comparatively new invention. But their origins might date behind to a 15th century, when Leonardo da Vinci sketched a reed, linen and handle “airscrew” device designed to restrict atmosphere to obtain flight. Da Vinci never tested his theory, that is maybe a good thing as complicated scientists trust it would have been too complicated to get off a ground. In fact, it took hundreds some-more years for a initial tangible helicopter to take flight.

In 1877 Italian Enrico Forlanini flew an unmanned helicopter weighing 700 pounds to a tallness 42 feet for 20 seconds. In 1907, a few months before Cornu’s ancestral flight, French inventors a Breguet brothers, achieved a manned moody that lasted 60 seconds though was hold in position by group station on a ground.

Later developments enclosed a initial rotorcraft record purebred by a FAI – a 2,392 feet moody done by a Marquis of Pescara nearby Paris in 1924 – and a initial moody of a VS-300, a world’s initial practical, controllable helicopter designed by Igor Sikorsky, in Sep 1939.

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