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Free French SBD Dauntless

This SBD Dauntless flown by Uli Richter sports an surprising scheme: that of a WW II French Armee de l’Air. In 1944, after a German advance of France, the Free French Air Force (government in exile) perceived about 80 SBD-5s and A-24Bs from a United States in 1944. This 44-pound indication bears a intrigue of a many combat-experienced of a Banshee units, a GC 1/18 Vendee, that flew A-24Bs in support of Allied forces. Powered by a Moki 250cc gas engine, this 136-inch-span indication can unequivocally put on some speed! Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for holding this video during a Willis Warbirds eventuality during Fullers Hill Farm in Cambridgeshire, a UK.

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