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From emery play to bandages, put common domicile equipment to good use in your workshop! If we have a tip of your possess to share, greatfully dump us a line during


Beauty Tape

For years, scale modelers have used paper hair styling fasten to imitate rib fasten on their scale planes. It works really good though will need many additional coats of bone-head or authority to fill a open paper weave. An even improved fasten to use is cloth gauze tape. It has a amiable glue to reason it in place though allows repositioning. It also has a smaller pinked corner settlement and looks good on 1/4- or 1/3-scale, cloth-covered airplanes. This fasten takes reduction coats to fill and is glorious for true lines, though is a bit reduction stretchable than a paper tape. Using both forms together on your indication will severely raise a scale appearance.

Sanding Sticks

A good source for sanding sticks is a beauty aisle of your internal grocery store. Emery boards, that are used for pleat and sanding fingernails, are ideal for many excellent sanding jobs on a indication airplane. They come in several grits, are inexpensive, and final forever. They are also good for cleaning out hinge slots on embellished indication airplanes.

Credit Card Trick

We all wish a battery packs to stay put during flight, though infrequently a Velcro used to reason them in place can be formidable to apart when we wish to reinstate a pack. A good approach to remonstrate a hooks and loops to give approach is to use a cosmetic credit label and trip it between a dual halves. The label prevents a fasteners from reattaching while stealing a battery pack.

Long Reach Screwdriver

A good approach to get screws into place in a low or cluttered radio cell is to trip a square of fuel tubing over a finish of a screwdriver and slip it over a screw. The tubing binds onto a screw and we can scheme it into place and tie it but a screw descending low inside a model.

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