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Set that Dial – “Survival in a Skies” array on Smithsonian Channel

Looking for some good aviation story and information? Please keep these episodes of “Survival in a Skies” array on Smithsonian Channel in mind  – this fascinating array tells a stories behind a machines and inclination that assistance us tarry in a skies–from parachutes and ejection seats, to jet engines–and how they developed from common beginnings to implausible instruments that have altered a universe and carried us to new heights.

Subsequent episodes of SURVIVAL IN THE SKIES are:

Premieres Tuesday, Dec 5 during 9 PM ET/PT

Parachutes have saved some-more than 100,000 lives given their invention, and regulating one is now safer than pushing a car. But a growth of this life-saver compulsory outrageous leaps of faith by pioneering engineers and bold exam jumpers who risked their lives for innovation. Discover a infinite story of parachutes, from a early test-jumps from WWI biplanes to a large chutes that land vehicles on Mars.

Premieres Tuesday, Dec 12 during 9 PM ET/PT
CLIP: Footage of a First Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test:
The origins of a ejection chair began over a century ago and in that time, they have saved over 10,000 lives. But as new record continues to pull a boundary of aviation, engineers are constantly tasked to find improved ways to propel pilots to reserve when disaster strikes. Witness a expansion of a ejection seat, from common beginnings into one of a world’s many worldly presence machines. It’s a story told by frequency seen archival footage and accounts from those who designed a seats and those who owe their lives to them.

Premieres Tuesday, Dec 19 during 9 PM ET/PT
CLIP: Inventing a Jet Engine Came with Few Disasters:
In only a few decades, a jet engine has modernized warfare, remade a approach people transport and do business, and might shortly change a approach we try space. Join us as we lane a history, from a initial wanton attempts to build a antecedent gas turbine engine to a Pratt and Whitney J58, that can outpace a missile. It’s a story of ingenuity, bravery, and stubborn determination, told by those who invented it, those who pull it to new limits, and those who dream of holding it to a max.

SURVIVAL IN THE SKIES is constructed by Christopher Riley of Arrow International Media Ltd. Executive producers for Smithsonian Channel are Tim Evans and David Royle.

Smithsonian Channel, owned by Smithsonian Networks™, a corner try between Showtime Networks Inc. and a Smithsonian Institution, is where oddity lives, impulse strikes and wonders never cease. This is a place for grand stories, absolute documentaries and extraordinary party opposite mixed platforms. Smithsonian Channel combines a storytelling bravery of SHOWTIME® with a unmatched resources and abounding traditions of a Smithsonian, to emanate award-winning programming that shines new light on renouned genres such as atmosphere and space, history, science, nature, and cocktail culture. Among a network’s offerings are array including Aerial America, America in Color, First Ladies Revealed, Polar Bear Town, The Lost Tapes, Amazing Monkeys, America’s Secret Space Heroes, Mighty Ships, Mighty Planes and Air Disasters, as good as critically-acclaimed specials that embody Titanic’s Fatal Fire, The Obama Years: The Power of Words, Nightmare on Everest, Diana and a Paparazzi, Diana: The Day We Said Goodbye and Flying High with Phil Keoghan. Smithsonian Networks also operates Smithsonian Earth(TM), by SN Digital LLC., a new subscription video streaming use delivering fantastic strange inlet and wildlife content. To learn more, go to, or bond with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Major Brian Bews: Royal Canadian Air Force
Cynthia Lisa: Ex-Air Force Pilot
Chris Perry: Biomedical Engineer, United States Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Jeff Duford: Curator – National Museum of US Air Force
Richard Hallion: Aerospace Historian
Jo Lancaster: Retired RAF Test Pilot
Brian Udell: Retired US Air Force Pilot
Robert outpost der Linden: Curator National Air and Space museum
Andrew Martin, Steve David: Martin-Baker aircraft company
Ray Carter: Crew System Specialist – Royal Canadian Air Force

Maury Rosenberg: Blackbird SR-71 Pilot
Don Bulloch: Blackbird SR-71 Reconnaisance Systems
Jeremy Kinney: Curator National Air and Space Museum
Ian Whittle: Son of Frank Whittle
Voice of Frank Whittle: Inventor of a Jet Engine
Eric Brown: Jet Test pilot, Royal Navy
Richard Hallion: Aerospace Historian
Mark Drake: Senior Design Engineer, Dyson
Jeremy Kinney: Curator National Air and Space Museum
Voice of Erich Warsitz: First Jet Pilot
Jorg Chipionka: Me-262 Jet Pilot, Luftwaffe
Robert outpost der Linden: Curator National Air and Space Museum
Rick Kennedy: GE Company Historian
Don Bulloch: Blackbird SR-71 Reconnaissance Systems Officer
Fred Finn: International Businessman
Steve Landells: British Airline Pilot’s Association
Christopher Lorence: General Manager Engineering Technologies, GE Aviation
Richard Varvill: Technical Director and Chief Designer, Reaction Engines

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