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Model Airplane Reader Tips

Who says aged dogs can’t learn new tricks? Here during Model Airplane News, we learn something each day — customarily from a readers, a best RC’ers on a planet. Here are 4 of a favorites.

Simple Crush Plate

Purchase Lucite during a hardware store and collect adult a 1 1/4-inch hole cutter.  Use a reason knife to cut out some Lucite 1 1/4-inch disks. Then use a cavalcade press to cut out a 1/4-inch hole in a core of a disk.  This vast Lucite hoop can be used with a wing influence shaft and it will not vanquish a trailing corner of a wing. Because a hoop is transparent, it will be frequency manifest when installed.


Cheap And Easy Wheel Chocks

A discerning approach to keep your craft in one mark is to use these circle chocks done from 1/2-inch PVC pipe. You can change a length of a side pieces to accommodate opposite sizes of wheels.  Before gluing a final pieces, fill a public tools with sand.  You can make several of these for about $4 or $5 and a few mins of your time.


Looking Good
Protect your aircraft’s cover scheme! Before we fuel it up, request a skinny cloak of transparent bone-head to a trim surfaces.  This will also keep a trim from entrance lax when we purify your aircraft.


Custom fit for your wing
Looking for a reduction expensive, effective and truly tradition wing bag?  Try Reflectix foil insulation that can be found during any hardware store.  It is like burble hang with mylar on both sides and comes on a roll.  Start by laying your wing on half of it and overlay it over a top.  Then, cut off a additional though leave a few inches around and a small additional for a overlay over flap.  Use a unchanging stapler, spaced as tighten as we can, to sign adult a edges.  You can tack a edges with a wing inside to give it a sung fit.  Add handles done out of prosaic nylon cording purchased during a fabric store.



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