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RC Airplane Storage

Airplanes on a seminar building always seem to locate “Hangar Rash.” Organizations is a good approach to keep a a of harm’s way. Aviation modelers are an heterogeneous organisation entrance from all walks of life.  Once we conquer a basis of moody we tend to acquire a accumulation of aircraft varying in form or character as most as a backgrounds.   Avoiding dreaded hangar unreasonable and carrying a protected place to keep a fleets is something we can all use.  Designed by Model Airplane News writer Carl Layden, this complement is essentially targeted during .40-.60 stretch airplanes, a following routine is scale-able from tiny electric planes and park flyers to large 50cc gassers.

To erect this storage complement you’ll need:

Fuselage Hangar

2 – 8ft. 2x3s

1 – 6ft, 1/2 in. dowel

6ft, ½ siren froth insulation

10 – 4in timber screws

3ft coronet plumber’s chain

cup hooks – 2 for any aircraft

Wing Shelf

3 – 10in shelf brackets

½ in. plywood (approximately 2ftx2ft)

6ft – 1in trim frame (or wider)

2ft – 1/2 in. dowel

2 – crater hooks

The volume of any will change depending on how many aircraft we devise to hang this way.  Along with a building reserve you’ll need some simple carpentry skills collection (wood glue, saw, drill, hammer, etc) and a unclothed wall, a wall of a garage or strew make a good location.

The initial partial of a plan is to erect a fuselage hanger.  Begin by arranging a aeroplane fuselages on a building with a tail forked towards a wall approximately 4-5 inches from a wall. If we put a largest airplanes subsequent to any other we customarily fit a smaller indication between a two, pierce it a small serve from a wall such that it does not meddle with a plane stabs of a incomparable aircraft.  When we have finished arranging your aeroplane fuselages as we would like them to hang slip 2 2x3s underneath a tails of a aircraft.  The longer fuselages will hang from a 2×3 closest to a wall a smaller ones from a other 2×3.  Record a stretch any 2×3 is from a wall, you’ll need it after when ascent a fuselage hanger.  You’ll need to remember a approach a aircraft are arranged, write it down or take a design for anxiety later.

Using a retard and a fuselage as a beam make dual outlines on a 2×3 a breadth of a fuselage during a heading corner of plane stab.  Each compound will hang from a plane stab.   The outlines for a peg holes need to be serve detached than a breadth of a fuse.  Increase a opening by creation dual additional outlines 1 ½ inches outward a initial two, this will boost a opening 3 inches.  Repeat a routine for any fuselage.

Measure a stretch from a building to a heading corner of a gash for any aircraft recording a largest distance.  The dowels will need to be cut 2 inches longer than a top stab.  In my box a dowels were 10 inches prolonged (highest gash was 8 inches off floor).  Cut dual dowels to length for any fuselage we will be hanging.

Drill a ½ hole by a core of 2x3s during any symbol we done for a dowels.  It is best to use a cavalcade press to keep a holes are perpendicular to a 2×3.  You can do it freehand, however take caring to safeguard a hole is drilled true down by a 2×3.  Using good peculiarity carpenters timber glue, glue a peg s into a holes, let a public dry overnight.  When a glue has dusty silt a structure stealing any severe edges.

Prime and paint a wooden structure, we embellished it to compare a tone of a wall.  After a paint has dusty it can be mounted on a wall.  For standard drywall over timber construction walls use 4”(#10) timber screws or loiter screws(with washer).   In an progressing step we available a stretch a 2×3 was from a wall when a planes were organised on a floor.  Measure down from a roof this distance, this is where a hanger needs to be mounted.

The fuselage hanger should be mounded turn on a wall regulating a screws to insert it to a wall studs.  The screws contingency be in a studs to support a weight of a unresolved aircraft.  If a wall we are regulating is of a opposite construction like petrify block, section we will need to use suitable anchors to mountain a hanger.

Cover any peg with siren insulation cut to length such that a finish of peg is flush with siren insulation.  Screw a crater offshoot into a finish of any dowel.  Hang your aircraft as we organised afterwards on a building (that’s because we took a picture).  String plumber’s sequence between a crater hooks on finish of dowels creation a reserve sequence to keep a fuselage from incidentally falling.  That completes a fuselage hanger construction and installation.

The routine we used to store wings is easier than a fuselage hanger.  If we have a space we could use straight 2×3 longer dowels in a identical conform to a compound hanger.  we didn’t have that most space so a some-more compress storage arrangement was needed.

Begin by slicing a ½ plywood, it will be a shelf used to store a wings.  The shelf should be 2 inches wider than a limit wing cord, a length of shelf will change depending on a series of wings.  My shelf is 18in x 18in this accommodates approximately 8 wings with a limit cord of 16in.

The subsequent step is to make a ‘lip’ around a shelf to forestall a wing tips from shifting of shelf.  Nail a 1in trim around 3 sides of shelf (not a wall side), keep a bottom of trim flush with corner of plywood this will emanate a 1/2in mouth around a fringe of shelf.  Sand a shelf stealing any severe edges, afterwards primary paint a shelf.

Using 2, 10in shelf brackets mountain a shelf on wall, approximately 18in above building safeguard a area above a shelf is clear.  I mounted cave a small aloft to concede storage of shopvac underneath it.  Screw another 10in shelf joint to a wall 30in above shelf aligned with left or right corner of shelf.  Cut an 18in length of ½ peg (or breadth of shelf used).   Attach ½ peg to top bracket, cover peg with siren insulation.  Place crater hooks during possibly finish of dowel.

Put wings on shelf plumb disposition afterwards opposite a peg that extends out from top bracket.  String a plumber’s sequence between a cup-hooks as a reserve chain.

That completes a construction aircraft storage system.   For a $50 investment (and time) we have a protected approach to store aircraft between drifting event prevented dreaded hangar rash.


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