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Favorite RC Modeler Workshop Tips

In 2018, we wish we satisfactory skies, ease winds, and copiousness of time in a workshop. And vocalization of a shop, these tips are certain to come in handy. Enjoy!


Propeller Safety Tips
To forestall accidents, full-size aircraft are versed with propellers that have brightly colored tips. Do a same with your indication aeroplane propellers. Mask off a tips and mist on some splendid yellow or white to make a column tips some-more manifest while it’s spinning. The finger we save competence be your own!





Easy Clevis Keepers
If a clevis were to cocktail off one of your model’s control horns, we could remove control and crash. A elementary and inexpensive approach to forestall this from function is to supplement a clevis keeper. Simply cut a skinny territory from some indication fuel tubing and trip it over a clevis. It will act like an O-ring and keep a clevis firmly in place though binding.



Emergency Screwdriver
It never fails that whenever we need a specific apparatus for a job, you’ll find that apparatus anywhere though where we need it. If we find yourself in need of a common, straight-blade screwdriver, we can always take a displaying blade and place it retrograde in a handle. The unprotected partial of a blade can now be used to tie that screw.

Small Parts Sticker
It is infrequently tough to place a wooden partial scrupulously inside a slight fuselage. An easy approach to do this is to use a pointy axe as a “part sticker.” Now, simply supplement glue to a part, hang it with a “part sticker” and beam it into position.


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