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Titanic Tiger Moth Takes Flight

This implausible half-scale DeHavilland Tiger Moth was designed, built, and flown here by John Greenfield. With a wingspan of over 14 feet, a craft weighs 121 pounds and is powered by a 384cc twin inline gas engine. John is a member of a UK’s Ghost Squadron club, and we found this information on a RC Tiger Moth on their website:

John had been deliberation this plan for some time during a build of several 1/2 scale gliders. The thought was to build a 1/2 scale yank that could pull a biggest gliders in a scale way. The indication was built from John’s possess skeleton pull from information collected from a full size. Construction is all scale including a wing territory and even incorporates a singular aileron differential of a full size. One area of regard in a formulation theatre was what engine to use as blurb indication aircraft motors were not large enough. A preference was taken to build a one off engine generally for a indication and this was finished in and with a airframe build.

The Tiger Moth finished a acceptance flights during Middle Wallop in early 2011 nonetheless it was felt that a engine was not building as most energy as it could. Modifications were done to boost a application ratio of a [engine] and this done a poignant alleviation in power.

With a new energy of a reworked [engine] a indication was put by another array of proof flights and was finally sealed off as a finished project.

The indication is now in a final form and has delivered a idea of being means to pull even a largest selected glider models.

We contend good done! Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon, improved famous as Tbobborap1 on YouTube, for holding this superb video.

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