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Slimline Products Airbase: Quality RC Workstation

A prohibited new product we only got for 2018 is a new Airbase  R/C workstation and aeroplane mount from Slimline Products. According to association owners Bill Leonard, a Airbase was grown from belligerent adult by tough core indication builders, flyers, guys that build, arrange and work on their models, who wish to make certain they get there craft to a flight-line in one square but hanger rash.

If we blemish built models, are convention a new kit, or are doing unchanging upkeep and transporting to drifting field, a Airbase will be a really best Airplane Stand we ever buy.

Features include:

  • Wide Study Powder Coated Aluminum Base
  • Adjustable Aluminum Cradle Arms
  • Adjustable Birch Plywood Cradles
  • High Quality Medium Density Foam Padding
  • Blank Wood Cradle for True Custom Fit

Base Length: 30 Inch
Base Width: 12 inch
Maximum Cradle Height: 12 Inch
Minimum Cradle Height: 9 Inch
Cradle Slot Width: 6 inch
Holes for Mounting: 4 any corner
Hole for Hanging in Center of Base

Slimline Web Price: $79.95

100% Made in The USA, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 30 Day Return Exchange Policy

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