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Actuonix RC Linear Actuators — Long Stroke Control

When it comes to relocating surfaces and other articulated tools on your RC aeroplane requiring a unequivocally prolonged stroke, a Actuonix L12-R, L16-R, and PQ12-R array of linear servos work as approach replacements for any customary analog rotary servo. Using customary 3-wire (ground, power, and signal) connector leads, there are 21 models of RC linear servos for use in any RC project. Designed to work with customary RC receivers and battery packs, they are also concordant with Arduino control boards, VEX Microcontrollers, and many other identical control play designed for robotics. The L12-R array is a customary operation of micro linear servos, and they come in 3 cadence lengths (30mm, 50mm, and 100mm) and 3 gearing options, for relocating army between 2 and 17 pounds. Priced during $70, a L12-R actuators are ideal for relocating scale canopies, doors, drag flaps and spoilers, or other scale functions where a customary servo setup can’t yield a compulsory energy and cadence length.

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