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Hitec Multiplex FunRay Kit & RR

From Hitec:
Welcome to a new epoch of Multiplex ELAPOR® froth models with a aerobatic master, a FunRay! With leading-edge M-Space record for an ultra-durable fuselage and impossibly strong wings, featuring an innovative aluminum punch design, this mountainous glider performs during a top of heights with accurate and learned moody accuracy. Its impassioned aerodynamic properties make a FunRay an considerable model, able of chasing thermals and behaving indicate rolls, loops and inverted spins. The considerable inlet of a FunRay will attract hard-core glider enthusiasts as good as modernized aerobatic pilots. Serious FUN for a critical modeler!

KIT RR Features:

  • Advanced Aerobatic Performance
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Easy Handling
  • Easily Transportable with Two-Part Wing and Removable Rudder
  • Large Flaps for Effortless Landings
  • Robust, Leading-Edge Molded Plastic Wing Design
  • M-Space Technology for an Ultra Strong Fuselage
  • Innovative Aluminum Spar Technology for Stiff Wing Stability
  • Fly as a Pure Glider or With an Electric Power System
  • Unique, Eye-Catching Decal Package

Additional RR Features:

  • Pre-assembled ELAPOR® Airframe
  • ROXXY C35-48-990kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC Brushless Speed Control
  • Six Pre-Installed Hitec HS-65HB Servos
  • 11×7 Folding Propeller
  • Self-Adhesive Decal Package Included

Model Specifications:

Wingspan: 78.75 in. (1700mm)
Overall Length: 48.42 in. (1230mm)
All-up Weight: 63 oz. (1790g)
Control Functions: Aileron / Elevator / Rudder / Throttle / Flaps
Optional Control Functions: N/A
Flight Characteristics: Glider / Aerobatics
Target User: Intermediate / Advanced

#M214334 – FunRay KIT – $239.99
#M264334 – FunRay RR – $449.99
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