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Blue Max Scale Challenge — Highlights from a 9th Annual WW1 RC Fly In

Founded by Mike Celesky, John Olson and Ron Prestin, a Blue Max Scale Challenge and Fly In,  hold this year on Jan 25 to 27 during Sanford Aero Modelers RC Club in Sanford, FL., is one of a events we demeanour forward. Not usually an RC indication aeroplane event, this is a  successful entertainment with a laid behind atmosphere and good camaraderie. The continue was typically good and mom inlet didn’t defect for 9th annual event. Our ace print man David Hart attended a eventuality and took some extraordinary photos of all a selected aerodrome action.

The Blue Max  is an eventuality for anyone that is meddlesome in early aviation and a WW we airplanes that existed from 1903-1919. It’s a jubilee of a colonize aircraft and a World War 1 warrior and a pilots that flew them. It is a approach for RC pilots and enthusiasts to get together and re-create this sparkling impulse in time. History is recorded by events like a Blue Max. There arn’t a lot of museums or airfields remaining where we can go and see WW we airplanes fly. In a not too apart future, WWI RC events like this might indeed be a usually couple to a past and early aviation.

Here are usually a few of David Hart’s photos from a Blue Max event

Blue Max WW1 Fly In

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