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Young Guns — New Category for Top Gun

The 30th book of a Top Gun Scale Invitational will underline a new difficulty of foe called “Young Guns” that will offer, depending on series of entrants, adult to 3 classes formed on age. Ages 7-10, 11-14, and 15-17 are a classes tangible during press time. One of a invited participants is Fischer Strickland from Melbourne, Florida. He’s been concerned in RC drifting for usually about 3 years and represents what we wish will be a destiny of a hobby. Here are his possess words……

My name is Fischer Strickland, though everybody calls me “Fish”. we was innate in Melbourne, FL in May 2007. When we am not flying, we suffer fishing and roving my bike.

For my seventh birthday my father bought me my initial RC plane. The man during a hobby emporium told him they didn’t have anything that a 7-year-old could fly. He took a risk and bought me a Delta Ray. After many takeoffs and landings, both successful and not, we mastered drifting it.

During a time training how to fly RC, we had a assistance of my father Jeremy, grandfather John Clark, and friends and mentors, Rich Uravitch and Tim Provencal. In a final 3 years, we have mastered drifting a column plane, an EDF jet, and also have flown a turbine. My favorite craft to fly is my 78-inch wingspan Carbon Z T-28.

I am a youngest flyer in a Crossroads RC organisation where we fly each weekend in Palm Bay, Fl. My dream is to one day possess an RC Boeing 747 plane. we devise on flourishing adult to be a pilot.

Model Airplane News wishes “Fish” a best of fitness in his pursuits and we demeanour brazen to assembly him, and all a other “Young Guns”, during Top Gun 2018. See we there!


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