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Avatar – The Movie Phenomenon Moves On so What Does Cameron Have Lined up for us Now?

The incredible figures surrounding the phenomenon which is Avatar , the latest James Cameron film, ought to be well known to all of us as of today.  The picture began smashing records practically from the first day of release, with $27 million taken on its starting day and $77 by the conclusion of its starting weekend at the box office in the us.   The film did equally well throughout the world, taking more than $20 million in France and Russia during the starting weekend.  In addition, it made over $10 million in a number of other locations including Germany and the UK.

The picture didn’t stop there and following this outstanding start off it continued to grow with massive amounts taken at box offices around the world.  I am afraid therefore if you haven’t witnessed the film yet then you would seem to be in the minority.

Along with the general world people taking a shine to the quite impressive motion picture, it had a reasonably good showing at the Academy Awards where it was nominated for a massive 9 honours and ended up taking 3, though not the key ones.

Soon to follow something that builds up this level of public attention is naturally large amounts of branded items, and Avatar was no exception.  Matel, the toy leaders, were swift to launch a selection of Avatar Action Figures which were launched in December 2009.  As with the picture itself, the figurines had a little spin themselves, utilizing an i-Tag particular to each one that let you do things in an on-line world with it.  Never ones to neglect a marketing opportunity McDonald’s were additionally in on the act, releasing Avatar action figures along with their Happy Meals.

Now that the first Avatar movie is achieving saturation point you may well ask just what is in the future from the Avatar base?  As it happens, James Cameron never saw Avatar as a one off, so there is talk of at least 2 sequels.

Both producer Jon Landau and James Cameron himself are currently fairly busy helping the freight train that the Avatar franchise has grown to be.  There is much work being done to support the numerous special editions of the movie that are yet to come out on Blue-Ray etc.  Consequently, it could be a while before even the 1st sequel hits the cinema – that has not however stopped the media starting to ramp up already on precisely what the new film will include.  The standard Avatar movie was launched on Blu-Ray on 22nd April, permitting you to get another fix prior to details of the sequels become more settled.

Both Cameron and Landau admit it shouldn’t be as hard to create one more Avatar, though Landau is quoted as saying ‘… we know that whatever movie he Cameron does is not going to be done in six months’ so I guess we’d better not get our hopes up too soon.  Nonetheless, the storyline from the first motion picture left lots of chances to follow it up, so here’s awaiting what they develop next.

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