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Demand – Coins wanted by serious coin collectors are worth much more.

Coin collectors eagerly acquire their favored coins but in order to actually get pleasure from coin collecting one should know their true monetary value. Searching online sites for estimates of true coin value is one option. Another option is to consult with a real professional coin dealer who could actually handle the coin and get a close look at the coin before estimating it’s real value. So, what is a coin value? Coin values are the prices that a coin dealer would be happy to pay for a coin.

Take a look in an old jar of coins you might be saving. There might be a rare and valuable coin in the mix waiting for discovery. Don’t forget to empty the change in your pocket or before you go to the bank to cash in your coins make sure to really look them over before you go. There is always the chance that a rare and highly valuable coin is hiding there also. A lot of forces go into determining true coin values. Here are a few of the things coin dealers look for in determining a coins value.

Scarcity – In other words the rarer the coin the higher is the determined value. A rare coin might have only a few in existence which gives it a higher value.

Coin grade – Coin condition affects true value. A flawless coin in uncirculated condition has far higher value than a good coin in circulated condition.

Demand – Coins wanted by serious coin collectors are worth much more.

Valuable metals- Coins that contain yellow metal or precious metal treasured metals have a bullion value. This value is decided by the latest price in the industry for the precious metal.

Coin values adjust constantly. It is often a good notion to retain present-day value with the coin marketplace.

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