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Designer for the day

Pick up  your cup  of java. Take a big  breath. Before you start  head first into the craziness  that will be your day, allow your mind to drift into a peaceful  place. Ponder  living in this space , or maybe just sitting and resting.



This design was created  by the admired  architect Mickey Muenig. Many know him as “the father of organic modern.” I don’t  know that I could  think up those precise  words for this design  on my own, but after hearing them, that is exactly  what this room is. Very organic. Filled with things that look as if they are part way  an exterior room, such as the stone walls and wood, this space takes bringing the out-of-doors in, to a new level. Very Modern. The clean lines and  overall   atmosphere  of the room has an overwhelming sense of “modern.” Yet, it’s  not cold and uninviting. This place lures  me to quiet and to a resting  place. I just want to grab a book and take in the beauty of the space all at the same time. This is quite  a unique design. It’s  not one of those formulaic kitchens or something where you add  the granite, back splack and cabinets and it is created…there are so many interesting characteristics in this very simple room. How does he do it? I love how the colors are neutral, yet there is that pop of blue that seems to totally go with the room. I think part of the organic feel is that all the colors in the space could be found outdoors in nature, as well. It really just ties everything together and cohesively makes it “organic modern.” So what do you think about the space?

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-Jenn, the Cortiers blogger

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