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Half Eternity Ring vs Full Eternity Ring

Many people consider purchasing eternity bands to add on to their regular or custom engagement rings, but they are faced with a vital decision. Should they get a full eternity band or a half eternity band? 

So first of all, for those who don’t know, what is an eternity band? An eternity band is a wedding band that is either half covered by diamonds (a half eternity band) or fully covered by diamonds (a full eternity band). Many people choose half eternity bands because they are able to be resized if needed. Full eternity bands must be sized precisely in the beginning and are not able to be resized after made.

Whether you choose to buy a full or half eternity ring you must make the choice of how the diamonds will be set. There are different types of settings that can be used for an eternity ring. It all just comes down to a one’s preference of how she wants her ring to look and feel. Most people choose between channel set and full claw set. Full claw set used to be much less comfortable than channel set, but due to recent advancements full claw is just as comfortable. It is also important to pick the right stones for your eternity band. You don’t want to have huge stones that overwhelm the ring nor do you want diamonds so small that you can barely see them. The idea of the eternity band is to add to what you already have. This can apply in many areas. It can apply to adding to your jewelry collection or adding to your love. Some people have alternating diamonds and colored gemstones in their eternity bands to create a vivid and beautiful pattern. By setting high performance stones such as Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds in your eternity band you compliment your other jewelry while bringing something new and exciting to what you already have. 

No matter what your choice is, diamond eternity bands are eternal tokens of the love that you and your spouse will share.

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