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Blast from a Past — The Super Bee!

Posted: August 15th, 2017, by AircraftWriter

Just about everybody has listened of a Lazy Bee. Designed by Andy Clancy, this competition flying, unequivocally brief joined aeroplane has been around for decades. Recently we published Andy’s latest pattern in a Bee line (the multi-motored Bee Liner) in a Nov 2017 emanate of MAN. In a essay we featured a sidebar story about a unequivocally large Bee, an thought for a man-carrying version, by Budd Davisson (Editor in Chief of Flight Journal). Since nothing unequivocally existed, solely in Budd’s head, we went behind into a MAN repository to find a biggest RC chronicle of a Lazy Bee, a Super Bee!

While not a man-carrying version, this super hulk scale a Super Bee is about as tighten as we can get. Kirby McKinney’s super giant-sized Lazy Bee was built in a group bid with Mark Davidson and like a strange Lazy Bee, it has usually throttle, rudder and conveyor control, no ailerons. And it flies great!

The wingspan is 17 feet and a chord is 56 inches. The conveyor and stabilizer are 8 feet long. Mark built a craft creatively called a Super Bee with Kirby and afterwards rebuilt a craft after Kirby’s flitting and to respect him, and  renamed it a KirBee

(Photo to left, taken by Stan’

First flown in 2009, it was powered an Air Hobbies 9.8ci twin cylinder engine, and was a favorite during a Joe Nall Giant Scale Fly In for years. It weighs 80 pounds and is now unresolved in a categorical hangar during a Triple Tree Aerodrome. (Photos pleasantness of Laura McKinney.)