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Workshop Tip — Installing Snow Skis on your RC plane

Posted: October 25th, 2014, by AircraftWriter

Well, don’t demeanour now, though a winter is quick approaching. Instead of make-up your models divided for storage, because not extend your drifting deteriorate and welcome a white things with DU-BRO Snowbird Skis!? Like a tough operative brush pilots of a outback and good Northwest, attaching skis to your RC aeroplane can spin any semi-flat area like a pasture (or a lake!), into a cold continue runway. But doing it rightly is a initial sequence of business.


Many RC pilots tag on a DU-BRO Snowbird and/or the Park Flyer Snow Skis and prep their planes for fun in a snow. But this can bring some questions on a correct process of attaching a skis and so, DU-BRO has constructed another useful How To video to uncover we a best approach to get this finished so we and your favorite competition flyer can be prepared when a sleet flies!

Video From a DU-BRO Workshop


Ready for a White Stuff.


Be certain to dress warmly!

Photos Courtesy of Ken Park