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Road to Top Gun — Sal Calvagna’s Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar

Posted: February 23rd, 2018, by AircraftWriter

From Holbrook Long Island, NY, Sal Calvagna will for a initial time be competing during Top Gun with his Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar. Competing in a Pro-Am Sportsman class, Sal built his Ki-43 from Jerry Bates skeleton with laser-cut tools from

Sal’s 1/5-scale Japanese warbird has normal balsa and plywood construction and is lonesome and finished with 3/4 oz., fiberglass cloth and Z-Poxy Finishing resin. The paint is a multiple of Krylon mist paint and tradition churned Behr’s extraneous Latex paint surfaced off with Krylon transparent coat. All a markings are palm embellished with a difference of a tail badges that are handcrafted water-slide decals.

Sal’s Oscar is powered with a Zenoah G62 (turning a 22×10 Menz prop), with a custom-made empty system. Guidance comes from a Spektrum DX9 Radio regulating Hitec steel rigging hi-torque servos. Sierra Giant Scale retractable alighting rigging are used and a whole airframe is minute with row lines, hatches and thousands of rivets. It took a small over 7 months for Sal to finish a Oscar.

The Oscar is embellished in a markings of a Nakajima Ki-43-II Otsu Hayabusa, Burmese display aircraft from 1944 with a Burmese inhabitant button (Peacock) on a tail. The display cartouche on a back fuselage translates to: “Asia Revival Burma No.1 tribute.”



Sal done his possess H2O slip decals for a tail markings on a Oscar.