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Build-Along — Sopwith Camel — Update: Engine and Fuel System Check

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

If we have been following along with this extended Workshop Build-Along series, we know that from a start, we designed a Sopwith Camel around a Zenoah G38 gasoline engine. One of a good advantages of blemish building, is that we can from a start examination all so we can use a engines and apparatus we […]

Jeti High Voltage Regulator Inline

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The new Jeti High Voltage Inline regulator is a usually high voltage switching BEC designed to umpire a voltage from your 9.5-59V (3S-16S) energy source and yield stabilized outlay voltage of 5.5V adult to 150mA. Works with any on-board electric device (Lights, Pumps, Retracts) in need of fast regulated energy supply. A dedicated High Voltage […]

400cc Chinese Air Force Yak

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

This Yak 11 is powered by a Moki 400cc radial and 38 x 18 prop! The 50-pound aerobat is an Airworld indication that’s designed for 250cc power, though strengthened to handle the 400cc Moki. Pilot and owners Ali Machinchy notes that a craft was built and embellished by Phil Noel during Pinnacle Aviation and has a scale paint scheme from […]

The Oceanmaker

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

You merit a good coffee mangle , and this fantastic, 10-minute charcterised video is a no-cal provide you’ll love. “After a seas have disappeared, a bold womanlike commander fights opposite infamous sky pirates for control of a final remaining source of water: a clouds.” Don’t skip it! The OceanMaker from Mighty Coconut on Vimeo.

Workshop Build-Along — Sopwith Camel — Decals and Aircraft Markings — Part 25

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

There is an aged observant that states, a final 10% of a indication plan takes 90% of a effort. Meaning that building and covering a indication goes comparatively fast when compared to a bid concerned with portrayal and finishing. With that said, one glorious approach to benefit some time-savings is to use peculiarity graphics and […]